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AAPM ®  American Academy of Certified Project Managers ® USA - Certifying Board The AAPM ® Project Management Certification Board is AAPM ® Board of Standards - EU Accredited and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 21001 Certified Body & ISO 29990 Certified for Training. CIPM Certified International Project Manager ®  &  Master Project Manager ®  Registered Trademarks 



Experts and Certified Trainers

AAPM ® Certified EU, USA, and Asia Experts

International Experts, Speakers, and Global Advisors for the MPM® and CIPM® Programs that were founded, trademarked and created in the United States.

Certified Trainers and Honorary Advisors

Mark Reeson - Specialist Profile - Professional Best Practice

Senior Principal Consultant – Project Management

Mark is a valuable asset within QA and has been used extensively on our specialist and consultative roles with project management and project management training. He has over 25 years experience in the Project Management industry, having started his career in the Royal Air Force before working and delivering projects in both the nuclear and international sporting field. Over the past two years he has been engaged with various clients working on the improvement and development of the project management delivery either through bespoke classroom and e-learning courses or as an SME in the project management area writing methodologies for organisations or companies to improve the efficiency of their work streams. Mark has been especially successful in the public sector gaining high esteem from many government organisations authoring new and improved ways of project management delivery. Mark has recently become accredited by the American Academy of Project Management and has also been appointed a Green Project Management Global Advisor. A published article author in national and international project publications Mark has been recognised as a specialist trainer and consultant in his discipline.

Selected career highlights:


  • Certified International Project Manager
  • Accredited Master Project Manager
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management
  • Member of Association of Project Management
  • PMI Project Management Professional
  • Green Project Management Global Advisor
  • Project Strategist for the decommission programme for British Nuclear sites
  • Author of new concept of training delivery “Living Learning”
  • Author of emergency project management approach “Project Management Can Save the World”
  • Government Organisations author and training delivery of bespoke methodology
  • International delivery of Project Management training
  • Closure of MoD unit as part of the Government Armed Forces reduction
  • Project Manager for the IOC International Children’s Games
  • Development of Agile training and approaches
  • Mentoring and Coaching to industry specific project managers


Samuel Temitope Apanisile MBA, ERMCP, MPM, AMA, ACCB-  Nigeria AAPM Coordinator & Bureau 

Samuel is an enterprise risk management certified professional, a master project manager, systemic management accountant, an associate chartered commodity broker and a SEC (Nigeria) Licensed Corporate Investment Adviser dedicated to continually design, diagnose, develop and drive effectual frameworks for sustainable project and organization-wide outcomes that add more gain and less pain to the achievement of desired bottom lines. Samuel does all these by enabling better collaborative implementation via better informed decisions to improve business performance under uncertainty and complexity. With Samuel's business support experience and certifications, his proposition is value creation, managed risk and business outcomes.


·         Enabling situational analysis to advance relationships for creating customers and retaining them.

·         Providing foresight frameworks to inform problem analysis to strengthen quality strategy in the face of uncertainty

·          Coordinating the interdependencies of projects for success in the face of complexity & uncertainty (ISO 21500 )

·         Generating fat-tail risk information for wiser financial decision making under radical uncertainty (ISO 31000)

·         Illustrating patterns to help leaders make sense of probabilities in order to shape their behavioural risk perspectives.

·         Providing applied management training capabilities to advance human capital and shape business economics



Joel Carboni - Specialist Profile - International Expert – Global Advisor

Executive Director – GreenProjectmanagement.org

Joel has over 15 years’ experience in the Project Management industry, having started his career in in the private sector working for technology firms catering to the financial, auto, and legal industries before working and delivering projects in the public sector. Over the past four years he has worked on a wide range of projects from Permitting, Tax, Judicial and Public Safety.

An SME in sustainability through project management, he has is highly regarded for promoting green project practices and has been a key contributor to the global acceptance of the GPM certification. Joel was first accredited by the American Academy of Project Management in 2008 and is a Global Advisor.

Selected career highlights:


  • Certified International Project Manager
  • Accredited Master Project Manager
  • Accredited Project Manager e-Business
  • Certified Green Project Manager and SME
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management
  • Member of Project Management Institute
  • Mentoring and coaching to project managers with a focus Social Responsibility and Process Improvement.


Steven J. Ricks, MPM®, CIPM®, PMP®, IPMA-D® (aCPP.D™), CPRM™, CPE™, MCP™, EPM, FAAPM, FIMCB™

Specialist Profile – International Project Management Expert & Global Advisor

Chief Consultant – Strategy, Program & Project Management ( http://SJR.US.COM/id4.html )

As a Project Management Leader, Advisor and Troubleshooter, Mr. Ricks has over 35 years of Project Management experience in Industry – Fortune 500 and medium to small businesses, Government – State and Federal levels, Academia – small colleges and “Big 10” universities, and the Military – United States and NATO Forces. He is recognized for leadership in project planning, scheduling, prioritization, execution, analysis, risk management and contingency planning, problem prevention and problem solving; addressing a broad spectrum of subject areas including: heath care, aerospace and defense, information technology, telecommunications, engineering, R&D, enterprise-level operations, real estate, property control, security, transportation, distribution and marketing.

Mr. Ricks is also an Adjunct Professor of Project Management, teaching MBA and Masters in Project Management students, as well as undergraduate courses. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Strategy, Program & Project Management at SKEMA Business School in Lille and Paris, France.

Selected career highlights:

• Certified by the American Academy of Project Management, International Project Management Commission, Project Management Institute, American Society for the Advancement of Project Management, International Project Management Association, International Management Consultants Board, and others.

• Recipient of a 2011 U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator’s Team Achievement Award, the highest honor award granted by the Administrator of CMS, for “outstanding contributions and exemplary performance in developing and implementing an integrated project management process to help CMS effectively and efficiently manage the work required by the Affordable Care Act.” The Affordable Care Act contains over 1,000 pages of legislation reforming and modernizing health care nationwide. Its implementation comprises one of the largest and most complex U.S. Government projects in the past 40 years, extending from 2010 through 2020. With an annual budget of ~$900 Billion (US), CMS impacts over 100 million people each year.

• Recipient of the Subcontractor of the Year Award from Boeing for “impeccable schedule performance, excellent technical quality, responsiveness to changes and prompt identification of potential problem areas, cost under-run achieved by aggressive cost saving discipline, and proactive top management.” Delivered ALL hardware (custom-designed and manufactured) and other contract items on time or ahead of schedule, satisfying quality and technical specifications, at 30% less than budgeted cost on a multimillion dollar engineering project.

• Awarded Certificate of from University Student Government Association for demonstrating “… is not a single act, but a habit.”

• Awarded U.S. Army Commendation Medal Oak Leaf Cluster for “exceptional professionalism, ability to plan… and execute…, and leadership skills.”


Dr. Cornel Collins, MBA, MPM ®, IWWP, FAAPM, CIPM®, CAC, - Vice Chair

Dr Collins is an international consultant, Project Manager and qualified professional coach and public speaker & lecturer at major Universities worldwide on subjects such as: Team Building, Management Development Programs, Project management, Leadership Paradigms & Styles, Organizational Structures, Management Strategies. Many of his articles in technology and management strategies have been published in major journals, and magazines worldwide. In the Bahamas, his articles on Economic Paradigms of Leadership, Organizational Strategies, Information Systems, Customer Service, Business Strategies and CBI-Ten Years After, The Millennium Bug, and Quality Leadership, have been published by the Guardian. He is a dedicated Rotarian, the Past President of the Rotary Club of Nassau, and a two-time Paul Harris Fellow. Dr. Collins is also a Sports Psychologist, Certified Tennis Instructor (USTA, CLTA, AELTA), Certified Golf Instructor (CPGTA, PGTCA), National Coach Bahamas Golf Federation and Black Belt in Chinese Kung Fu (Choylafoot and Hung Gar).


Anthony Bowen, MPA, CTC, MPM©, PME©, CIPM©, CPL - New York USA- LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonyqbowen


Anthony currently is in his Doctoral Dissertation Phase at Northcentral Unvieristy, and have completed his DBA specilization in Project Management. He holds several certificate in project management from various IVY League Colleges. Including a CPL in Project Leadership from Cornell University, a Certificate in Project Management from New York University and Certificate in Management and IT Management from Rutgers University. His experience is based on strong project management knowledge and experience applied to ecommerce, marketing, sales, data mining, communications and systems integration ventures in the travel industry.

Adjunct Lecturer Queens College – City University of New York / Developed and teach the Project Management Certificate Program . PMI approved program and MPM © approved program Basic & Advance Project Management. He has over 15 years of executive management experience in ecommerce online sales, marketing, project management, business development and national accounts relationship. Senior executive management experience with strong leadership, process improvement and project management (SDLC) (PLC) skills working with external and internal partners.



Summary of Qualifications - Project/Program Management Strategic Development & Execution Process Development - Process Re-engineering Marketing Planning & Analysis Brand Management

Email Strategy/Process Performance Improvement Client/Vendor Skills - Technology Management Compliance Management Creative Strategy

Queens College, Adjunct Lecturer

Responsible for developing curriculum and teaching Basic & Advance Project Management certification for AAPM - MPM programs and also good for PMI. This course is an in-depth study of basic and advanced Project Management topics, using tools and techniques. Course covers the nine project management knowledge areas of project integration, scope, time, cost, risk management, human resource management, communication management, and procurement management. Graduate PM Management Body of Knowledge and Case Studies are emphasized to gain knowledge to run successful projects.

Graduate Education

  • MS New York University, New York, NY 6/2006
  • Direct and Interactive Marketing
  • BS Medgar Evers College (CUNY), Brooklyn, NY 6/1995
  • Business Administration
  • Project Management Certificate, New York University, New York
  • Management Certificate, Rutgers University – NBS Online


Dr Zulk Shamsuddin

Executive Coach, IT Project and Program Management


Fellow AAPM,  Chartered Member BCS


 Dr. Zulk is a trainer and a certified management consultant, specializing in project and program management for information technology projects in banking and financial services, manufacturing, logistics, and engineering.   Dr Zulk has conducted many training workshop in Asia including certification program in project management, risk management, quality management, project governance, and project portfolio management.

He has carried out trainings for many companies including government linked companies and has continuously been invited to be a speaker by several leading organizations.

Dr Zulk is a Chartered IT Professional of the British Computer Society with a doctorate in Information Technology Management.  A certified professional with a number of credentials associated with project management, Dr Zulk is an active honorary member of the Board of Standards of The American Academy of Project Management.  Dr Zulk is also advisory member of the National Academy of Management Consultants Board with over 27 years of working experience in project and program management specifically information technology project management that includes application design and development, banking applications, human resources, financial systems, security systems, IT infrastructure, business continuity management projects, mobile applications, IT service management, engineering applications, telecommunications, and cloud computing projects. Dr Zulk is a HRDF-certified trainer accredited by the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia, and AAPM® certified trainer.  Dr Zulk brought his industrial experiences into the classroom to share with enthusiastic participants who will not just gain from his in-depth knowledge in IT project management but also have the opportunity to acquire AAPM certifications through Dr Zulk effective coaching methodology.

Site: www.aapmcertification.org 

Dr. G. S. Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM™, CIPM™ - Chairman

Prof. Mentz has an earned Doctorate in Jurisprudence in civil law, an MBA in international business, and an Advanced Diploma Certification in International Law from an ABA accredited law school. Mentz holds certification in online teaching and has been a professor for project management courses and holds the MPM Master Project Manager Graduate credential and several other certifications. Dr. Mentz has published over 20 books and has authored a multitude of accepted journal articles. In the last 20 years, Prof. Mentz has taught over 175 college level and graduate courses at business schoosl, MBA programs, and accredited law school levels. Mentz co-authored the IPMC International Project Management Commission Treatise of Knowledge TOK, designed the protocols for project management, and serves on the academic board overseeing the course curriculum and exams for the MPM ® and CIPM ® Certifications.

Mentz is a licensed attorney and qualified to practice in the state and federal jurisdictions in the United States of America. Mentz has been quoted or featured in some of the world's most respected news venues such as the: Wall Street Journal, The El Norte Mexico, The Financial Times, and the China Daily. Prof. Mentz is Chairman of the Board of Standards for the IPMC and AAPM. Mentz is the recipient of several faculty awards and an award for meritorious service to charity.

Committee on Speakers

  • Chairman/CEO - Dr. G. S. Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM™, CIPM™ - EU and USA
  • Dr. Allan Britton, Phd MBA LLB(Hons) MPM CHSIII, Darlington, United Kingdom UK
  • Dr. Keith A. Moskowitz, PhD, MPM - Scientist & Biochemist, Maryland USA - Board of Advisors
  • Dr. A. Mateav, MD, MPM - Physician and Researcher, New York USA
  • Dr. Sammy C Germany, PhD, MPM, CIPM, CPRM, CPE, MBA - Long Beach, CA, USA - Global Advisor
  • Dr. Dimitrios S. Stamoulis, CEC, MPM, Banking Executive & Unviersity Lecturer, Athens, Greece.
  • Sam Shah, MPM ™, CIPM™, PMP® Technology Mgr. Lakeshore Engineering - Detroit, MI USA
  • Dr. Ronnie L. Holmes, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Europe and USA (Honorary Board Advisor)
  • Dr. Marc Brandone, PhD, MBA, MPM ™, CIPM™, PMP™ - Consortium Mgr. - Siemans - Qatar
  • Prof. Carl Thong, MPM ™, MBA, CIPM ™, CWM - Singapore (Board of Advisors)
  • Dr. Christopher Lietz, PhD, MPM - Canada (Honorary Board of Advisors)
  • Dwayne M. Manigault, MPM™, PMP®, Comptia IT Project Plus Certified Project Manager (Honorary Advisor)
  • Dr. Mihail Sadeanu, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Project Manager - S&T România
  • Prof. Dr. Sean Patrick Rozario, DFA, MBA, MPM, MFP, FAD, CWM, MFC - Honorary Advisor Asia and Singapore. Diethelm Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • Prof. Dr. Yiowmin Chay, PhD, MBus, MBA, BAcc (Hons), MFP, MPM, MFM, MFC, RFS, CAM, FAD, CWM, CAM, CEC, CPA, CMILT, MBCS, CFTP - Advisor from Singapore and UK - Deloitte and Touche
  • Dr. Cornel Collins, MBA, MSc, PhD, MPM™, CIPM™, IWWP, CPM, CAC: - Lignum Technologies (Bahamas) Ltd.
  • Prof. Dr. Dale Mancini, PhD, MPM - Michigan, USA Project Management Executive
  • Dr. James L. Hoyt, MPM Master Project Manager - Troy University
  • Dr. Demitri Leo, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Advisory Board - Moscow Russia
  • Dr. Pui Wah Lee, PhD, MPM, CIPM, Master Project Manager - Hong Kong, PRC - Global Advisor
  • Dr. Dallip Bhowani, PhD, CIPM, BS, Adv. Dip.- South Africa - Exec. Project Manager. Hon. Adv. )
  • Dr. H. Sanni Yaya, M.Sc., Ph.D., Adm.A., F.CIM., MPM(tm). - Canada (Honorary Advisor to the Board)
  • Prof Toby Mills, B. Hort, PMP IPST, MPM ™, PME - Board of Advisors 2004-07 (Sydney, Australia)
  • Dr. Raywat Chatreewisit, PhD, MPM, CIPM, CEC - Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dr. Barth E. Okonigene, MPM,CIPM,MPI,ASME - Principal Project Manager -Oilserv Limited - Lagos
  • Prof. Dr. Henry Oh, PhD, MPM, RRT-NPS, MT, CLC; Director of Health Sciences Simulation Center, San Juan College, NM, USA.


Approval from the Board of Standards must be obtained in writing from both the Chairman and Vice Chairman before anyone is allowed to be a Certified Speaker or Trainer.


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