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Designed For 

Professionals who want to maximize the performance of their organization, improve their procurement &  contracting process and advance knowledge and career potential.  

Procurement and contracts form the basis for business in a contemporary workplace. As organizations and businesses work together, agreements must be met to ensure that all parties interests are served and protected. Procurement and Contract Management Certification is designed to give you a strong education in the essentials of contract management so you have the knowledge needed to manage contracts effectively. 

You will learn how to navigate core areas of contracts, including contract formation, negotiation, financial analysis and risk management.


Who Should Attend ? This program is designed for individuals working in, or looking to enter, the following fields: 

  • Contract administrators   
  • Consultants, entrepreneurs and subcontractors    
  • Engineers and quality assurance professionals    
  • Government and commercial entities    
  • HR professionals and procurement managers   
  • Project Manager  


Those who administer contracts but have little industry training will gain a newfound sense of knowledge and authority. Supervisors, managers and administrators will learn about the contracting process and advance their skills. All benefit from the comprehensive coursework that covers cutting-edge details around commercial, government and international contracts. 


Learning Outcomes:        The learning outcome is geared towards achieving professional expertise in procurement workflow from both the bidder’s & the buyer’s perspective on a wider Supply Chain enablement layer. Participants will further analyze the role, responsibilities & expectations of a Project Manager in view of Procurement & Contract Management challenges for optimal but measurable performance through Contract Management Organizational Assessment Tools. 





·          What is the Role of Purchasing in 21ST Century Organizations? 

·          What is the goal of Procurement? 

·          Developing the Strategic Procurement Plan 

·          What are International Procurement Best Practices? 

·          Supply Chain Management Key Issues 

·          Essentials for Effective Purchasing 

·          Stages to world class procurement 

·          Developing The Strategic Plan For The Procurement Activity 

·          Procurement performance measurement 




·          Negotiation 

·          Make / Buy Decision 

·          Vertical Integration 

·          Alliances and Partnerships 

·          Stock control 

·          Effective order quantities 

·          Pricing 

·          Value Analysis 

·          Cost analysis 

·          Total Cost of Ownership  & Capital Equipment Life Cycle Costing 

·          Measuring Suppliers 

·          Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Procurement 

·          Overview Of Worldwide Sourcing  

·          Global Sourcing Strategies   




·          Purchasing Segmentation 

·          Supplier Intelligence and planning 

·          Supplier Selection 

·          Supplier optimization 

·          RFI Requests for Information and RFQ Requests for Quotation 

·          Introduction And Overview 

·          Elements Of A Contract 

·          Duties And Obligations 

·          Types Of Purchasing Contracts 

·          Forum, Jurisdiction and Venue 

·          Contract Law and ethics 



Implementing the Tactical Procurement Decisions


  • Supplier Involvement
  • Value Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Supplier Selection
  • Supplier Rating and Ranking
  • Contract Management
  • IT Systems and e-Procurement
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Staffing the Procurement Department
  • Functions of Management and Mission
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation


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