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MPM ™ Master Project Manager ™
PME ™ Project Manager E-Business ™
CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager ™
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Our IPMC Global Board of Standards issues The MPM ® Master Project Manager ® International Charter Certification , CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager ™ , or the PME ™ Project Manager E-Business ™ - Board Certifications to qualified applicants who have met our commission requirements of: Education, Training, Experience, Industry Knowledge, Ethics, and Continuing Education.

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Founders of The Certification Programs for: CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager Charter and Certification & The MPM Master Project Manager International Charter and Certification
















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Certified International Project Manager CIPM™

Master Program Manager MPM

Board Certified Business Continuity Analyst CBCA
Certified Remote Project Manager CRPM™
Certified Project Manager Environmental Engineering CPMEE™
Certified Continuous Improvement Assessor CCIA™
Master Project Manager MPM™
Certified Project Quality Controller ™ CPQC
Software Testing Fundamentals ™
Certified Test Manager ™ CTM
Certified Project Analyst
Project Management Analyst PMA ™
Lead Project Manager LPM™
Certified Lead Project Manager CLPM ™
Certified Lead Manager CLM ™
Certified Global Project Manager CGPM ™
Global Project Manager GPM ™
Master Project Professional MPP ™
Certified Project Director ™ CPD ™
Project Management Director
Sanctioned Project Manager ™ SPM ™
Recognized Project Manager ™ RPM ™
Licensed Project Manager ™ LPM ™
Project Manager E-Business PME ™
Project Manager E-Commerce PME ™
Licensed in Project Management
IT Project Management
Construction Project Management
Engineering Project Management
Government Project Management

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