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AAPM ®  American Academy of Certified Project Managers ® USA - Certifying Board The AAPM ® Project Management Certification Board is AAPM ® Board of Standards - TUV Accredited and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 29990 Certified for Training. CIPM Certified International Project Manager ®  and Master Project Manager ® are Registered Trademarks Internationally


Indonesia Chapter - Members and News

Indonesia AAPM  TUV Accredited

* AAPM Board of Standards is a TUV Accredited Body which is ISO 29990 & 9001 Certified

Chapter President - Dr. Ir. Fauzi Hasan MM, MBA, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CGEIT, CRICS, SSCP, ITIL, PMP, CDCP, CDCE, CSQE, BCMP, Prince2, APICS, IPCMI, CEH, CISCP. - Hon. Global Advisory Board.

NEWS - TelKom Indonesia completes Certification Courses.


Programs in Alliance and Accredited with the BNSP Credentialing Agency.
Dr Fauzi Hasan
PT. SOLUSI BISNIS DAN KONSULTANSI INDONESIA as the Accredited and Authorized Partner of AAPM and AAFM.
Komplek IPB
Loji- Sindang Barang
Bogor-West Java.
Indonesia. Phone: (0251) 8310930
Mobile: 0816720146
Certifications Available: 

CIPM Certified International Project Manager ®

MPM Master Project Manager ®

GAFM and AAPM Approved by Indonesia Governmental Credentialing Authority.


 New Fellows and Certified Members for AAPM Indonesia

1 Susi Oktriyani Master Project Manager
2 Yono Maulana Master Project Manager
3 Dotty Wimpertiwi Master Project Manager
4 Ifwandi Master Project Manager
5 Erick Hariyona Master Project Manager
6 Susiana Dewi Ratih Master Project Manager
7 Mansur Master Project Manager
8 Irwan Abdullah Master Project Manager
9 Fauzi Hasan Master Project Manager
10 Nico Rudolf Master Project Manager
11 Iwan Kurniawan Master Project Manager
12 Arya Adhi Nugraha Master Project Manager
13 Suhaerudin Master Project Manager
14 Imam Indra Gunawan Master Project Manager
15 Doni Purnomo Master Project Manager
16 Suyogo Parbowo Master Project Manager
17 Untung Suradiono Master Project Manager
18 Arief Mustaqim Master Project Manager
19 Try Edy Asmara Master Project Manager
20 Muhammad Ferhat Master Project Manager
21 I Wayan Gede Putrayasa Master Project Manager
22 Ali Imran Master Project Manager
23 Yunan Fatoni Master Project Manager
24 Tri Haryanto Master Project Manager
25 Nopriadi Master Project Manager
26 Eko Syamsuddin Hasrito Master Project Manager
27 Hari Murti Wirawan Master Project Manager
28 Eka Yudhistira Murliawan Master Project Manager
29 Arief Prabawa Putra Master Project Manager
30 Noval Tajudin Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
31 Chamad Rochmana Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
32 Andi Hernandi Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
33 Firdaus Karim Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
34 Parasmatua Siregar Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
35 R. Teguh Sulistyohadi Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
36 Tri Ratmojo Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
37 Sri Mahendradata Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
38 R. Febriansyah. TR Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
39 Widoyo Yakti Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
40 M.Novemidiansyah Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
41 Posma Silitonga Master Project Manager
42 M. Eryan Master Project Manager
43 HB. Susilotomo Master Project Manager
44 Chamad Rochmana Master Project Manager
45 M. Emil Salim Master Project Manager
46 Sopwan Haris Master Project Manager
47 Yayan Sofyan Master Project Manager
48 Ananto Harimawan Master Project Manager
49 Jati Pratomo Master Project Manager
50 Hotman F. Sitanggang Master Project Manager
51 Ongko Wiyono Master Project Manager
52 Haryono Master Project Manager
53 Atok Kuntarto Master Project Manager
54 Sony Feriawan Master Project Manager
55 Ilham Nugroho Master Project Manager
56 Efvy Zamidra Zam Master Project Manager
57 Widoyo Yakti Master Project Manager
58 Benny Nugroho Budi Priyanto Master Project Manager
59 Made Sukendria Master Project Manager
60 FX. Budi Widyatmoko Master Project Manager
61 Effek Alamsyah Master Project Manager
62 Tresia Mahaputeri Nusantari Master Project Manager
63 Estiningtyas Nugraheni Master Project Manager
64 Lawrens Certified Hospitality Manager
65 Nandan Limakrisna Certified Marketing Analyst
66 Hary Budiarto Certified International Information SystemAuditor
67 Iman Budiyanto Certified Marketing Analyst
68 Suseno Arianto Certified Marketing Analyst
69 Yusup Suhara Certified Marketing Analyst
70 Wirawan Leksono Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
71 Rikrik Supriyadi Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
72 Adian Gogo Hutagalung Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
73 Roy Urich Kusumawardana Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
74 Agus Dermawan Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
75 Rafida Wardana Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
76 Ade Nizar AM Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
77 Arifin Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
78 Choirul Basuni Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
79 Suryono Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
80 Elias A. Ginting Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
81 Abdul Rahman HS Acredited Supply Chain Analyst
82 Noval Tajudin Certified Marketing Analyst
83 Dudung Duhara Master Project Manager
84 M Sigit Lestanto Master Project Manager
85 Abdul Ghofur Master Project Manager
86 Grandys Frieska Prassida Certified International Information SystemAuditor
87 Amna Shifia Nisafani Certified International Information SystemAuditor
88 Alfajri Ismail Master Project Manager
89 Pradnya Paramita Master Project Manager
90 Nina Kirana laksmi Certified International Project Manager
91 Maritza Al Iradah Certified International Project Manager
92 Dedy Kurniawan Certified International Project Manager
93 Elisa Kusrini Certified International Project Manager
94 Toriq Arif Ghuzdewan Certified International Project Manager
95 Wahyu Bintoro Certified International Project Manager
96 Widarto Sutrisno Certified International Project Manager
97 Stevanus Herry Certified International Project Manager
98 Dian Erythrica Yullyanti Master Project Manager
99 Azil Awaludin Master Project Manager
100 Narwoko Master Project Manager
101 Arif Sumarlin Sasmita Master Project Manager
102 Wahyu Hidayat Sulistyawan Master Project Manager
103 Surya Widyanto Certified Professional in Business Continuity Plan
104 Noval Tajudin Certified Management Accountant
105 Wisnuaji Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst
106 Narendra Prabhawa Mukti Supangat Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst
107 Fitri Ayunda Permatasari Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst
108 Ardi Yudistira Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst
109 Chandra Ayu Dewi Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst
110 Tekad Wahyono Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst
111 Basyori Buyung Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst
112 MC Maryati Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst
113 Lucky B Pangau Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst
114 Dony Rivai Master Project Manager
115 Ratna Widiastuti Certified Marketing Analyst
116 Romy Di Putra Certified Marketing Analyst
117 Dewi Setiaty Karya Certified Marketing Analyst
118 Novellindo Pahlevi Master Project Manager
119 Sunarto Master Project Manager
120 Yiyin Irfan Fahmi Master Project Manager
121 Teguh Tri Warso Master Project Manager
122 Anang Barnea Arrayyansyah Master Project Manager
123 Hikmatul Hayat Master Project Manager
124 Alfin Bahtiar Master Project Manager
125 Wifiksana Suhendra Master Project Manager
126 Heri Setiwanto Master Project Manager
127 John Veri Master Project Manager
128 Sarjon Defit Master Project Manager
129 Zulfikri Latief Master Project Manager
130 Dedi Riswandi Master Project Manager
131 Sindu Irawan Master Project Manager
132 M. Sofyan Nurdin Master Project Manager
133 Syahriza Prinka Master Project Manager
134 Suhardi Master Project Manager
135 Oki Nandoko Rakhim Master Project Manager
136 Nendang Retno Djuwita Master Project Manager
137 Pambudi Wahyu Basuki Master Project Manager
138 Agus Hamzah Master Project Manager
139 Dimas Anugrah Prakoso Master Project Manager
140 Rizky Maulana Arief Master Project Manager
141 Toefany Prakarsa Parmulyawan Master Project Manager
142 Rakhmat Aji Jauhari Master Project Manager
143 Eriyawan Master Project Manager
144 Adi Mulyanto Master Project Manager
145 Yudistira Dwi Wardhana Asnar Master Project Manager
146 Indra Lingga Setia Putra Master Project Manager
147 Bahrullah Akbar Master Project Manager
148 Diana Susianti Moro Master Project Manager
149 Maruli Tua Tampubolon Master Project Manager
150 Mahendra Ramadhan Sonday Master Project Manager
151 Rio Harcan Master Project Manager
152 R. Mohammad Arie Ariandhana Master Project Manager
153 Susi Oktriyani Master Project Manager
154 Yono Maulana Master Project Manager
155 Dotty Wimpertiwi Master Project Manager
156 Abdul Firman Radjak Master Project Manager
157 Moh. Ardie Latief Master Project Manager
158 Pinuji Prasetyaningtyas Master Project Manager
159 Jumiati Master Project Manager
160 Agus Arif Algahara Master Project Manager
161 Hendra Mayasdi Master Project Manager
162 Hening Handayani Master Project Manager
163 Pradnya Paramita Master Project Manager
164 Andi Ira Damayanti Master Project Manager
165 Muhudin Abukar Mursal Master Project Manager
166 Abdul Hakim Awke Tarabi Master Project Manager
167 Ahmed Mohamed Hussein Master Project Manager
168 Mohamed Abdurahman Hussein Master Project Manager
169 Semly Saalino Master Project Manager
170 Setyo Nugroho Master Project Manager
171 Muhamad Isnaini Saputro Master Project Manager
172 Defry Reksavagita Master Project Manager
173 Syarmad Haning Master Project Manager
174 August Hoth Mercyon Purba Master Project Manager
175 Muhammad Rizal Master Project Manager
176 I Dewa Made Agus Pramana Master Project Manager
177 Admiral Dasrin Master Project Manager
178 Retno Kurniawati Master Project Manager
179 Krshna Sulanjana Master Project Manager
180 Siti Choiriana Master Project Manager
181 Emanuel Febry Djatmiko Adji Master Project Manager
182 Eka Yuli N Master Project Manager
183 Yunias Adhe Putri Master Project Manager
184 Rakhman Nur Master Project Manager
185 Zatiyas Master Project Manager
186 Sudirman Master Project Manager
187 Ariyanto Agus Setyawan Master Project Manager
188 Wegig Benggala Master Project Manager
189 Acep Supriyadi Master Project Manager
190 Agus Achdiyatna Master Project Manager
191 Sopiansyah Master Project Manager
192 Anang Barnea Arrayyansyah Master Project Manager
193 Dani Pradana Master Project Manager
194 Muh. Roni Indarto Certified Financial Risk Manager
195 FX. Sugiyanto Certified Financial Risk Manager
196 Mutamimah Certified Financial Risk Manager
197 Budi Limansubroto Master Project Manager (MPM)
198 Michael Utomo Master Project Manager (MPM)
199 R. Sahedhy Noor Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
200 Kunto Wibisono Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
201 Nur Wening Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
202 Meswantri Master Project Manager (MPM)
203 Among Waluyo Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
204 Hannibal Nasserie Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
205 Among Waluyo Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
206 Meswantri Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
207 Hannibal Nasserie Master Quality Manager (MQM)
208 Dudung Duhara Master Quality Manager (MQM)
209 Dedi Riswandi Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)
210 Sandy Martsanto Master Project Manager (MPM)
211 M. Sofyan Nurdin Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)
212 Andy Wisnugroho Master Project Manager (MPM)
213 Trisdarisa Dwi Novianto Soedarto Master Quality Manager (MQM)
214 Eko Budiyanto Master Project Manager (MPM)
215 Chandra Basuki Master Project Manager (MPM)
216 Erlin Listiyaningsih Master Project Manager (MPM)
217 Deddy Tedjasukmana Master Project Manager (MPM)
218 Imelda Rachmawati   Master Project Manager (MPM)
219 Rahmad Ramadhan Master Project Manager (MPM)
220 Yenny Very Handayani Management Consultant Professional (MCP)
221 Hendra Setiawan Master project Manager (MPM)
222 Dwi Prijono Soesanto Master project Manager (MPM
223 Noval Tajudin Management Consultant Professional (MCP)
224 Rio Seto Wardhana Master Project Manager (MPM)
225 R. Febriansyah T. Rodjak Master Project Manager (MPM)
225 Bambang Tri Cahyono (Certified Marketing Analyst) CMA
227 Besar Agung Martono Master Project Manager (MPM)
228 Albert Hasudungan Sitorus Master Project Manager (MPM)
229 Fakih Usman Master Project Manager (MPM)
230 Djoko Sri Prihanto Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
231 Surachman Master Quality Manager (MQM)
232 Tiara Asmara Dewi Management Consultant Professional (MCP)
233 Meswantri Management Consultant Professional (MCP)
234 Franky Sya'bandriawan Master Project Manager (MPM)
235 Adriza Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)
236 Adriza Master Project Manager (MPM)
237 Hapzi Ali Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)
238 Effek Alamsyah Master Consultant Professional (MCP)
239 R. Andy Herdanarto Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP)
240 Herman  Chartered and Certified Human Resources Analyst
241 Hendra Mahendrata Master Project Manager (MPM)
242 Mohamad Zuber Master Project Manager (MPM)
243 Yohan Effenddy Sunyoto Master Project Manager (MPM)
244 Imelda Chartered Health Care Consultant
245 Herwanto Master Project Manager (MPM)
246 Aris Susanto Master Project Manager (MPM)
247 Sri Rezeki Mangement Consultant Professional (MCP)
248 Lili Suryati Accredited Management Accountant (AMA)
249 Guntur Besar Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
250 Liliana Puspa Sari Chartered Health Care Consultant
251 Robert lumban Haryono Simaremare Master Quality Manager (MQM)
252 Hendra Mahendrata Certified Project Risk Manager (CPRM)
253 Muhammad Fauzi  Certified Planning Engineer (CPE)
254 Mikra Mawardana Master Project Manager (MPM)
255 R. Andy Herdanarto Master Project Manager (MPM)
256 Agus Mansur Master Project Manager (MPM)
257 Muhammad Ragil Suryoputro Master Project Manager (MPM)
258 Harwati Master Project Manager (MPM)
259 Imam Djati Widodo Master Project Manager (MPM)
260 Yuli Agusti Rochman Master Project Manager (MPM)
261 Muhammad Fauzi Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
262 Robert Lumban Haryono Simaremare Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
263 Bayu Prawira Hie Chartered Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
264 Mimi Marlina Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)
265 Andriasan Sudarso Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)
266 Lili Suryati Certified International Tax Analyst (CITA)
267 Sugeng Prayitno Master Project Manager (MPM)
268 Harris Gunawan Master Project Manager (MPM)
269 Purwanto Andi Meyanto Master Project Manager (MPM)
270 Imam Agung Prasetyo Master Project Manager (MPM)
271 Nur Ahmad Sjaefuloh Master Project Manager (MPM)
272 Hendra Pujiarto Master Project Manager (MPM)
273 Rudi Kurniawan Master Project Manager (MPM)
274 Dwi Supriandi Master Project Manager (MPM)
275 Rakhman Yossi Herfanda Master Project Manager (MPM)
276 Bambang Setyajidi Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)
277 Farid Mardin Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP)
278 Andi Lukman Hakim Master Project Manager (MPM)
279 Ahmad Amin Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
280 Gilang Sanggraha Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
281 Dedi Budiman Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)
282 Gema Merdeka Goeyardi Chartered Wealth Manager(CWM)
283 Yoga Goeyardi Chartered Wealth Manager(CWM)
284 Yorita Goeyardi Chartered Wealth Manager(CWM)
285 Anthonius Sedyason Chartered Wealth Manager(CWM)
286 Natanael Tulus Parhorasan Chartered Wealth Manager(CWM)
287 Akhmad Bakhtiar Master Project Manager (MPM)
288 Nugroho Adi Master Project Manager (MPM)
289 Rohmat Abadi Master Project Manager (MPM)
290 Muhamad Hary Prabowo Master Project Manager (MPM)
291 Sandi Krisna Wiliandi Master Project Manager (MPM)
292 Monica Anggraeni Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
293 Lisman Miranda Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
294 Andi Deby Grecia Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
295 Evy Susanti Master Project Manager (MPM) Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM)
296 Hary Febriansyah Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
297 Wiria Amarini Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
298 Danang Mulyadipa Suratno Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
299 Endang Kurniawan Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
300 Mohammad Faruq Afif Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
301 Digdoyo Oktapriandi Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
302 Fauziah Amalia Devi Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
303 Rahmad Hidayat Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
304 Affan Rifa'I Master Project Manager (MPM)
305 Atik Febriani Master Project Manager (MPM)
306 Edi Iskandar Certified International Information System Auditor (CIISA)
307 Elvie Maria Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
308 Hendri Sembiring Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
309 Maretta Ginting Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
310 Kiki Farida Ferine Chartered and Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
311 Lusiah Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)
312 Djoni Wongso Certified International Tax Analyst (CITA)
313 Tintin Maria Certified International Tax Analyst (CITA)
314 Petrus Gani Accredited Management Accountant (AMA)
315 Agung Ramadhansyah Master  Project Manager (MPM)
316 Muhamad Akhyar Mahyudin  Master  Project Manager (MPM)
317 Kresensia Prihastuti Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
318 Dhanu Hadi Sanjaya Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
319 Dian Endianingsih Master Project Manager (MPM)
320 Edi Iskandar Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
321 B. Andreas Mada WK Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM)
322 Endi Roswendi Certified Financial Risk Manager (CFRM)
323 Suksmo Satriyo Pangarso Master Project Manager (MPM)
324 B. Andreas Mada WK Master Project Manager (MPM)
325 Ilhamd Fabillo  Accreditted Supply Chain Analyst
326 Badar Murifal Certied Financial Risk Manager (CFRM)
327 Nelwan Zulkarnaeni Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)
328 Ida Hindarsah Magister Finance Professional (MFP)
329 Marwan Tangahu Certified International Project Manager        ( CIPM)
330 Aswan Munang Certified International Project Manager        ( CIPM)
331 Ridho Bastian Certified International Project Manager        ( CIPM)
332 Vembri Noor Helia Certified International Project Manager        ( CIPM)
333 Suci Miranda Certified International Project Manager        ( CIPM)
334 Novenda Kartika Putrianto Certified International Project Manager        ( CIPM)
335 Qurtubi Certified International Project Manager        ( CIPM)
336 Fety Ilma Rahmillah Certified International Project Manager        ( CIPM)
337 Ahmad Zakiyuddin Certified International Project Manager        ( CIPM)
338 Bambang Setyajidi Certified International Project Manager        ( CIPM)
339 Yanuardi  Sutantio Master Project Manager (MPM
340 Dwi Nugroho Adi Master Project Manager (MPM
341 Yosaphat Pandu Suryoputranto Master Quality Manager (MQM)
342 Roni Hartawan Ariyanto Master Quality Manager (MQM)
343 Yosaphat Pandu Suryoputranto Certified Facility Manager (CFM)
344 Roni Hartawan Ariyanto Master Project Manager (MPM)
345 Dinda Andrayana Certified Information Technologi Service Management  Professional (CITMP)
346 Hairudin DJ Certified Information Technologi Service Management  Professional (CITMP)
347 Hairudin DJ Master Project Manager (MPM
348 Dinda Andrayana Certified International Information System Auditor (CIISA)
349 Eko Supriyanto Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
350 Jumfadhli Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
351 Eko Supriyatno Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
352 Leli Halili Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
353 Hery Certified Financial Risk Manager (CFRM)-AAFM
354 Aulia Akbar Ramadhan Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
355 Pangeran Hery Fransiskus Marpaung Certified International  Project Manager (CIPM)
356 George Ibrahim   Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
357 Rafika Novantara   Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
358 Muhamad Resa Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
359 Ade Kurnia Ayu Muhadir Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
360 Wenny Ruth Yosephin Manurung Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
361 R. Wisnu Prio Pamungkas Master Project Manager (MPM)-AAPM
362 Ross Giuffrida Master Project Manager (MPM)-AAPM
363 Aliza Ardana Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
364 Abdullah 'Azzam Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
365 Muchammad Sugarindra Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
366 Dian Janari Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
367 Jaja Suteja Designated Business Analys (DBA)-AAFM
368 Syamsu Alam Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
369 Musran Munizu Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
370 Abdul Rahman Kadir Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
371 Tendy Wato Certified International Information System Auditor (CIISA)-AAPM
372 Tommy Tan Certified International Information System Auditor (CIISA)-AAPM
373 Hery Certified International Information System Auditor (CIISA)-AAPM
374 Agus Mansur Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
375 Nashrullah Setiawan Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
376 Qurtubi Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
377 Tendy Wato Certified Management Accountant (CMA)-AAFM
378 Tommy Tan Certified Management Accountant (CMA)-AAFM
379 July Certified Management Accountant (CMA)-AAFM
380 July Certified International Information System Auditor (CIISA)-AAPM
381  Reni Rianti Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
382  Muhammad Zulkifli  Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
384  Dodik Ichrom Roesanto  Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
385  Agus Supriatna  Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
386  Jenny Oetomo  Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
387  Tiberius Leo Agung  Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
388  Muhammad Rismanda Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
389  Asep Gunawan Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
390  Abdul Bari Rahmat  Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
391  Dina Kusuma Wahyuni Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
392  Hery  Certified Finacial Risk Manager (CFRM)-AAFM
393 T. Subarsyah Sumadikara Certified International Law Analyst-CILA
394 Doddy Hertanto Ceritified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
395 Muhammad Masyhudi Ceritified Business Analytic Professional( CBAP)-AAPM
396 Rizki Satya Utami Ceritified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
397 Agus Soleh Ceritified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
398 Wim Mudjiono Ceritified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
399 Lasmisanti Ceritified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
400 Faizal Aidul Fitri Ceritified Business Analyticd  Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
401 Heru Wijaya Ceritified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
402 Ciput Gatot Agus Saksomo Ceritified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
403 Davy Eldy Ceritified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
404 Syarmad  Haning Ceritified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
405 Deden Ramdan Designated Business Analyst (DBA)-AAPM
406 Ratno Purnomo Certified Human Resources Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
407 M. Ayodya Satrya Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
408 Ruli Satya Dharma Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
409 Harry Susatyo Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
410 Eko Agus Brahmantyo Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
411 Apri Fajar Kurniawan Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
412 Deda Budianto Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
413 Rusmita Lelyanawati Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
414 Niken Pratiwi Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
415 Raden Ary Relyman Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
416 Dini Nuzulia Rahmah Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
417 Eni Riawati Sebayang Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
418 Dora Primura Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
419 Utami Surya Putri Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
420 Detriana Margita Sari Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
421 Risant Rizqi Dzulauzan Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
422 Ilham Muhammad Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
423 Zein Nofiandi Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
424 Indra Pramono Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)-AAPM
425 Muhammad Qurthuby Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
426 Angga Haripurna Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
427 Adi Patriyadi Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)-AAPM
428 Supono Daruyuwono Mater Project Manager (MPM)-AAPM
429 Arief Marzuki Certfied  Planning Engineer- (CPE)-AAPM
430 Supono Daruyuwono Certfied  Planning Engineer-AAPM
431 Iyan Irdiyansyah Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
432 Win Sukardi Master Quality Manager (MQM)-AAPM
433 Yulnofrins Napilus Master Quality Manager (MQM)-AAPM
434 Muhammad Yunus Master Quality Manager (MQM)-AAPM
435 Natanel Tulus Master Financial Professional (MFP)-AAFM
436 M. Rudy Sachridi Certified Business Process Mapping Professional (CBPMP)-AAPM
437 Ahmad Andhika Putra Certified Business Process Mapping Professional (CBPMP)-AAPM
438 M. Rudy Sachridi Master Project Manager (MPM)- AAPM
439 Ahmad Andhika Putra Master Project Manager (MPM)- AAPM
440 Era Yuwono Certified Management Accountant (CMA)- AAFM
441 Arum  Angesti Certified Property Manager Professional (CPMP)-AAPM
442 Anang Priyono Certified Property Manager Professional (CPMP)-AAPM
443 I  Wayan Suarma Certified Asset Manager Professional- (CAMP)-AAPM
444 Ahmad  Sholikhun  R. Certified Asset Manager Professional- CAMP
445 Revi Agustian Certified Asset Manager Professional- (CAMP)-AAPM
446 Eka Rosina Korelia Certified Asset Manager Professional- (CAMP)-AAPM
467 Ari Wijaya, Accredited Supply Chain Analyst – (ASCA)-AAPM
468 Pudji Setyawan Subyantoro, Accredited Supply Chain Analyst – (ASCA)-AAPM
469 Tutug Sri Jatmiko, Accredited Supply Chain Analyst – (ASCA)-AAPM
470 Win Sukardi, Accredited Supply Chain Analyst – (ASCA)- AAPM
471 Mohammad Helmi Novriansyah, Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)-AAPM
472 Husninatul Ghassani, Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
473 Auditya Warta Kusuma , Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
474 Rinto Saiful, Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
475 Ana Mariana, Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
476 RR Rieka Febriyanti Hutami, Certified  International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
477 Herry Irawan, Certified  International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
478 Mokhamad zaim Nurhidayat, Certified  International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
479 Dodik Priyanto, Certified  International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
480 Ahmad Hery Sultoni, Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
481 Ahmad Hery Sultoni, Master Quality Manager (MQM)- AAPM
482 Indramawan, Accredited Supply Chain Analyst – (ASCA)-AAPM
483 Tobias Kusnawan, Accredited Supply Chain Analyst – (ASCA)-AAPM
484 Parama Kartika Dewa  SP, Accredited Supply Chain Analyst – (ASCA)-AAPM
485 Faidil Hadi, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
486 Rien Nisa, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
487 Ceria Ganinda Hapsari, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
488 Krshna Sulanjana, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
489 Muhammad Mahrus Syamsurrijal, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
490 Giri Agung Prastawa, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
491 Adhi Prasetio, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
492 Ramadhan Wijayanto, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
493 Hary Mahendra Eka Wibawa, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
494 Haposan Turnip, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
495 Fadjar Ramadhan, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
496 Haposan Turnip, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
497 Fadjar Ramadhan, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
498 Puti Harifia Amanah, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
499 Riski Pratama, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
500 Muhammad Fatoni, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
501 Dinur Rahmani  Sadat, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
502 Terry Safiria Ramadhani, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
503 Prima Arti Hastuti, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
504 Muhammad Rachmad, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
505 Rahadiany Rachmawati, Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)-AAPM
506 BRIGITA DIANZA ALVYNTIA, CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
507 MOHAMMAD RIZKY ADRIAN , CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
508 TRIHARTOTO WIDIJARTO , CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
509 MUHAMMAD RAKHMADANI MY , CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
510 DEDI JUNIARDI DAMSIK , CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
511 MAYANGSEKAR.A , CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
512 ERNY MURNIASIH, CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
513 BAYU DHIAN SASONGKO, CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
514 DEDY RISTANTO , CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
515 DODIK ICHROM RESANTO, CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
516 RENI RIANTI, CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
517 ERIKA CHRISTINA SIRAIT, CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
518 RIZKI SATYA UTAMI, CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
519 CIPUT GATOT AGUS SAKSOMO, CITSM Certified in Information Technology Service Management
520 Gede Ngurah Jayanti Nanda Laksana Master Project Manager (MPM)
521 Andri Yana Rinwardi Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
522 Arif  Gunanto Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP)
523 Dzikrilla Qalbi Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
524 Nindya Kusuma Wardhani Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
525 Arvian Pandu Wirawan Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
526 Radita Ali Putra Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
527 Aditya Herlambang Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
528 Muhammad Raessal Danang Sukoraharjo Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
529 Melani Muchlis Moechtar Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
530 Indah Yofanni Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
531 Akung Wilis Joko Purboyo Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
532 Muhammad Zeid Tsabit Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
533 Nina Wiyana Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Intermediate Level
534 Rita Hartati Hafni Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Intermediate Level
535 Kurniawan Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Intermediate Level
536 Hadary Mallafi Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Intermediate Level
537 Dedy Suryawan Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Intermediate Level
538 Brahmandi Andria Sastra Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Intermediate Level
539 Toni Parlagutan Harahap Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Intermediate Level
540 Muhammad Yusron Nur Shodiq Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Intermediate Level
541 Uyan Setiawan Askam Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Intermediate Level
542 Urip Dwisahsono Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Intermediate Level
543 Arief Wibowo Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
544 Muhammad Ilham Syarif Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
545 Mohamad Firman Subarkah Certified Business Analytic Professional-(CBAP)
546 Edi Iskandar Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Foudation Level V3.0
547 Ary Sunantiyo Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
548 Deri Irawan Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
549 Aryan Agus Pratama Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
550 Dwi Yunanto Hermawan Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
551 Lany Harijanti Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
552 Dahlia Nur Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
553 Puput Susanto Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
554 Regina Locita Pratiwi Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
555 Luh Putu Wulandari Artha  Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
556 Fita Rizki Utami Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
557 Novie Juanita Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
558 Indah Yusari Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
559 Siska Dewi Noya Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
560 Henny Irawati Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
561  IGAA Jackie Viemilawati Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
562 Suharti  Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
563 Singgih Prayitno Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
564 Natalia Nugroho Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
565 Betalevi Utama Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
566 Pramudio Bastian Kesai Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
567 Agus Setyo Anto Wibowo Master Quality Manager (MQM)
568 Ersalina Renatra Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
569 Amer Fadillah Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
570 Raden Ary Relyman Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
571 Rahmat Rasyid,ST. Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
572 Bonny Spencer Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
573 Andi.F Lapatau Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
574 Rizal Biruni Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
575 Bambang Suprayitno Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
576 Martius Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
577 Dian Kurnia Rizki Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
578 Rhesa Nanda Wardhana Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
579 Ratih Aida Mayangsari Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
580 Ahmad Wildan Syarwani Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
581 Yayat Dimyati Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
582 Teuku Ibnu Sina Certified Accredited Project Manager (CAPM)
583 Ibnu Rokhman Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
584 Joko Purwoko Master Project Manager (MPM)
585 Handry Mardam Sirulimin Master Project Manager (MPM)
586 Gunadi Sumantri Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
587 Danu Sindoro Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
588 Rahman Ramadan Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
589 Dadang Rusmana Iriadi Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
590 Achmad Hidayat Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
591 Anton Timur Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
592 Anugerah Edo Malikul Alam Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
593 Asyraf Thirafi Ramdhani Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
594 Julius Robinhood Simanjorang Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
595 Aji Sigit Wicaksono Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
596 Mike Hernawati Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
597 Firman Gunawan Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
598 Budi Widjajanto Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
599 Dhenny Prasetyo Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
600 Yadi Slamet Riyadi Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
601 Dedi Suhaedi Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
602 Agus Setiyono Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
603 Rahmat Sigit Muliana Chartered Risk Manager Professional (CRMP)
604 Nurul Intan Permanasari Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
605 Hotlan Siagian Accredited Supply  Chain Analyst (ASCA)
606 Anggi Sugih Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Foudation Level V3.0
607 Dody Novriadi Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL Foudation Level V3.0
608  Shinta Wulansari Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
609 Gusti Ayu Meliati Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
610 Siti Aisyah Nursyamsiyah Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
611 Randy Pradana Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
612 Tsana Hasti Nabila Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
613 Amy Roosita Maryana Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
614 Lucky Ismail Lubis Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
615 Ninendya Meistarusti Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
616 Meivita Adriani Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
617 Lucky Fathma Trisnanti Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
618 Dwi Wulandari Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
619 Thian Juardi Kenny Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
620 Andi Andreas Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
621 Rosika Kusharfinna Chartered Strategic Account Manager (CSAM)
622 Djoko Setyo Widodo Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
623 P. Eddy Sanusi Silitonga  Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)
624 Dwi Malvino Master Project Manager (MPM)
625 Zerik Patriya Sembada Master Project Manager (MPM)
626 Hernawan Guntoro Master Project Manager (MPM)
627 Randy Arifia Master Project Manager (MPM)
628 Muhamad Nasir Accredited Supply  Chain Analyst (ASCA)
629 I Gede Agus Suryadinata  Accredited Supply  Chain Analyst (ASCA)
630 Muhammad Yunus Amar Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
631 Wijaya Santosa Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
632 Rahayu Master Financial Planer (MFP)
633 Wahyu Eko Sunarto Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)
634 Krisdiastoro Fx,St Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
635 Abdul Ghony Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
636 Jati Setiawan D Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
637 Puspita Sulistyaningrum Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
638 I Wayan Sukadana Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
639 Yadi Abdullah Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
640 Muhammad Hary Zulfahri Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
641 Muhammad Hary Zulfahri Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
642 Intan Yusantina Calvianty Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
643 Utami Nazmi Puspahati Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
644 Faris Arif Rahman Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
645 Akhmad Ghozali Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)
646 Sugeng Prayetno Certified Human Resource Analyst  (CHRA)
647 Luh Ismayanti Rai Certified Human Resource Analyst  (CHRA)
648 Eko Martina Sriwulaningsih Certified Human Resource Analyst  (CHRA)
649 Sri Hendawati Certified Human Resource Analyst  (CHRA)
650 Cahyo Adi Permana Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
651 Inka Duzhinka Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
652 Abdul Ghofar Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
653 Erwin Saraswati Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
654 Kristin Rosalina Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
655 Achmad Zaky Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
656 Akie Rusaktiva Rustam Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
657 Anita Wijayanti Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
658 Yudie Irawan Chartered Strategic Acoount Manager (CSAM)
659 Fajar Ramadhan Chartered Strategic Acoount Manager (CSAM)
660 Dade Early Chartered Strategic Acoount Manager (CSAM)
661 Yuliawan Chartered Strategic Acoount Manager (CSAM)
662 Lizdalia Fatima Da Costa Noronha Chartered Strategic Acoount Manager (CSAM)
663 Rendy Radofara Pratama Chartered Strategic Acoount Manager (CSAM)
664 Nana Sutisna Chartered Strategic Acoount Manager (CSAM)
665 Andrian Haro Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
666 Ignatius Halim Sugiarto Master Project Manager (MPM)
667 Rendiansyah Master Project Manager (MPM)
668 Dhanu Christianto Master Project Manager (MPM)
669 Atyanti Dyah Prabaswari Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
670 Vembri Noor Helia Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
671 Suci Miranda Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
672 Yuli Agusti Rochman Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
673 Joko Sulistio Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
674 Andrie Pasca Hendradewa Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
675 Kurnia Aria Bima Accredited Supply Chain Analyst-AAPM
676 Kurnia Aria Bima Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
677 Gimbal Doloksaribu Certified Human Resource Analyst  (CHRA)
678 Irwan Widiarso Master Project Manager (MPM)
679 Fariz Cyrus Segovia Master Project Manager (MPM)
680 Yudhi Master Project Manager (MPM)
681 Nico Rudolf Master Project Manager (MPM)
682 Desak Gede Harum Diyatmika Certified Business Process Management Professional (CBPMP)
683 Lenny Christina Nawangsari Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
684 Achmad Hidayat Sutawidjaya Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
685 Bayu Prihantoko Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
686 Muhammad Sholeh Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
687 Satitihening Juang Annisak Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
688 Muhammad Afham Azri Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
689 Robert Albert Kdise Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
690 Khusnul Khotimah Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
691 Prasetya Ardhana Sarwono Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
692 Azhar Rasyid Firdausi Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
693 Adhi Ksatria Theogapa Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
694 Suwaril Dzahab Nurwan Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
695 Amril Azhar Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
696 Muhammad Hanif Oktavianto Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
697 Machfud Zainudin Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
698 Dede Abdul Rahman Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)-AAPM
699 Ariffin Hanif Certified International project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
700 Deddy Daryono Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
701 Fernandes Parulian Sinaga Certified in IT Service Management  Based on ITIL Foundation V3 (CITSM)-AAPM
702 Muhammad Abdul Ja’far Sidiq Certified in IT Service Management  Based on ITIL Foundation V3 (CITSM)-AAPM
703 Carolus Borromeus Widyatmoko Certified in IT Service Management  Based on ITIL Foundation V3 (CITSM)-AAPM
704 Dafry Reksavagita Certified in IT Service Management  Based on ITIL Foundation V3 (CITSM)-AAPM
705 I Dewa Made Agus Pramana Certified in IT Service Management  Based on ITIL Foundation V3 (CITSM)-AAPM
706 Rahadian Farizi Certified in IT Service Management  Based on ITIL Foundation V3 (CITSM)-AAPM
707 Bestama Abhi P Certified in IT Service Management  Based on ITIL Foundation V3 (CITSM)-AAPM
708 Ika Monica Certified in IT Service Management  Based on ITIL Foundation V3 (CITSM)-AAPM
709 Haryo Pradipta Certified in IT Service Management  Based on ITIL Foundation V3 (CITSM)-AAPM
710 Muhammad Rizal Certified in IT Service Management  Based on ITIL Foundation V3 (CITSM)-AAPM
711 Susanty Judohartono Certified Transfer Pricing Specialist (CTPS)-AAFM
712 Nico Rudolf Certified Project Risk Manager (CPRM)-AAPM
713 Ria Anggraeni Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
714 Githa Kharismawati  Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
715 Marietje Manduapessy Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
716 Lunel Candra Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
717 I Ketut Suwetja Darsana Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
718 Rian Handono Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
719 Brahmandi A S Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
720  Dedy Ristanto Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
721 Lely Melia Kaniawati Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
722 Hendy Irawan  Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
723 Riska Nurmindha  Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
724 Murdianto Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
725 Indra Putera Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
726 Ario Fajariawan Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
727 Budiarto Soeharjo Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
728 Tekun Abdulkarim Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
729 Nofrianto Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
730 Andika Aditya Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
731 Miftakhul Khanif Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
732 Surakhmat Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
733 Luqman Hilmy M Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
734 Koestijono Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
735 Ferriza Zainury Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
736 Indra Yuda Darnata Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
737 Yunivan Kristanto Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
738 Tino Prasetyo Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
739 Steven Romario T Tarigan Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
740 Melly Christian Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
741 Mochammad Lutfi Saepudin Master Project Manager (MPM)-AAPM
742 Tanti Nusatti Master Project Manager (MPM)-AAPM
743 Clara Sabrina Master Project Manager (MPM)-AAPM
744 Derwin Master Project Manager (MPM)-AAPM
745 Arissetyanto Nugroho Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
746 Mochamad Mukti Ali Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
747 Sri Hartono Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
748 Ignatius Jeffrey Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
749 Ignatius Jeffrey Certified in Financial  Risk Management (CFRM)-AAFM
750 Suhendi Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-Analyst
751 Kiki Septella Sari  Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
752 Pratomo Edhi Tjahjono Certified Business Analytic Professional (CBAP)-AAPM
753 Nurul Hikmah Certified Business Analytic Professional  (CBAP)-AAPM
754 Mochamad Mukti Ali Certified in Financial Risk Management (CFRM)-AAFM
755 Hakiman Certified in Financial Risk Management (CFRM)-AAFM
756 Aty Herawati Certified in Financial Risk Management (CFRM)-AAFM
757 Ignatius Jeffrey Certfied Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
758 Eddy Nugroho Certified in Financial Risk Management (CFRM)-AAFM
759 Deden Komar Priatna Certfied Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
760 Nandang Djunaedi Certfied Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
761  Emed Taryaman Certfied Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
762  Daniel Kisahwan Certfied Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
763 Winna Roswina Certified Portfolio Manager (CPM)-AAFM
764 Heru Budiono Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
765 Suryaman Certified Portfolio Manager (CPM)-AAFM
766  Adhi Prasetio Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
767  Indra Kurniawan Bekti Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
768  Arif Wijonarko Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
769  Faidil Hadi Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
770  Putri Kusumapratiwi Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
771  Reni Rianti Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
772  Hafiz Fauzan Alanuri Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
773  Dedi Juniardi Damsik Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
774  RR. Ceria Ganinda Hapsari Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
775  Fernandes Parulian Sinaga Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
776  Carolus Borromeus Widiyatmoko Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
777  Fadjar Ramadhan Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
778  Muhammad Fatoni Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
779  Krshna Sulanjana Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
780  Muhammad Abdul Ja’far Sidiq Certified in Information Technology Service Management (CITSM)- ITIL V 3.0 Intermediate Level-AAPM.
781 Dr. Lenny Christina Nawangsari, MM Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
782 Dr. Mochamad Mukti Ali, MM Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
783 Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Akhmad Fauzi, MMT Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
784 Dr. Drs. Ec.  Gendut Sukarno, MS Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
785 Dra. Ec. Kustini, M.Si Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
786 Dr.Safrida, SE, M.Si Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
787 Usman, SE, M.Si Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
788 Enny Trisna, SE,MM Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
789 Supriadi, SE,MM Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
790 Dahlia Indah Chrisanty Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
791 Monica Wanda Alissa Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
792 Elly Warlina Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
793 Andiono Setiawan Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)-AAPM
794 Fajar Rahadian Certified Human Resource Analyst (CHRA)-AAPM
795 Hartadi Alamsyah Master Project Manager (MPM)-AAPM
796 Samuel Santosa Manager (MPM)-AAPM
797 Fardian Abidin Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)-AAPM
798 Rosalendro Eddy Nugroho Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
799 Moechamad Mukti Ali Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
800 Dodik Priyanto Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)-AAPM
801 Moechamad Mukti Ali Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
802 Rosalendro Eddy Nugroho Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
803 Ahmad Hidayat Sutawijaya Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
804 Lenny Christina Nawangsari Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
805 Aty Herawati Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)
806 Ary Sunantiyo Certified Asset Management Professional

TUV Accredited

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